Typical Day at Me and Mom in Tuscany

Jul 27, 2017

Many people ask me about a typical day at Me & Mom. Some imagine that the days are super loaded with activates, other think that we just relax by the pool. So, let me explain the typical day at Tuscan Me & Mom luxury retreat with Maria Rocco.

There is so much interesting to do and explore in Tuscany, so many enriching and exciting activities, that our programming is structured to combine educative and relaxation activities. We want to send you home feeling brand new and rejuvenated. So we manage the balance between tranquillity and exploration of the Italian history, culture, and traditions.

Our daily activities are arranged to give the guests time to enjoy Tuscan food, relax, and explore the beauty of the Tuscan region while still participating in yoga classes, culinary workshops, attraction visits and other events. At Me & Mom you can also learn the Italian language if you want!

This short guide is designed to help you in planning your vacation at Me & Mom.

Early morning

We start the day awaking naturally to the sounds of Tuscan nature, birds, and rustle of leaves in the garden. If you are an “early bird”, you can have a swim before breakfast. Few times a week out yoga classes are held in the garden before breakfast.




Roam down to the kitchen where the chef assistant is preparing healthy breakfast made from local Tuscan ingredients. Coffee is the way of life in Italy. It starts in the morning and for some people ends the day. We will offer you a cup of the freshly made real Italian coffee. You will have Tuscan yogurt, cheese and jam from the Maremma farm and a lot of fruits.

Treat yourself to the breakfast on the terrace, enjoying ecological food and picturesque view of the Tuscan hills.


After breakfast

Outdoors activities are a good idea after a tasty and healthy breakfast. Each day is scheduled so that you have plenty of time to relax. In the morning depending on the day of the week, we set off to the sightseeing tour or for a day on the beach. Sometimes we stay in the villa and relax. Here you can go out to take a walk into the countryside or just relish in the pool. Many of our guests, of course, enjoy reading in the garden. And some are having their third cup of Italian coffee, ignoring the sport. Why not? ☺


Lunch time

Every day we offer a nutritionally balanced menu made from fresh locally sourced ingredients. Our professional chef makes light and healthy Italian specialties. Some times we go out for lunch to the best local restaurants and enjoy our meal in typical countryside places.



In the afternoon we have some free time if we had activities in the morning. If the morning was relaxing in the villa, we go out for a tour in the afternoon. During the afternoon you could also have your therapeutic massage or beauty treatments. Relaxing by the pool and reading – is the favorite evening activity of our guests. If you don’t have a book – no problem. You can enjoy one of the books or magazines that we have in our villa’s library. The key rule – to do what you like to do and enjoy your Tuscan vacation.


Dinner time

If we have a cooking class, we join for 5 pm. Our professional chef prepares all the ingredients according to the recipe and invites us to participate. Vegetarians will not stay hungry too. During cooking class, we learn secrets and tricks from the Italian chef. We chat, have a glass of wine and a lot of fun. When the food is ready, we enjoy our dinner all together. A particular pleasure is to have dinner on our terrace and admire the sunset with a glass of house wine.

Sometimes we have guests, my Italian friends. And we have long and exciting conversations. Often this is where we learn the most about a broad range of lifestyle topics and Italian traditions.

No one is in a hurry, so long gatherings under the stars became an evening tradition.



After dinner, we serve coffee or digestive and lean back under the stars. Or you may choose to head off to bed early to make the most of really being away from it all.

Me & Mom in Tuscany is a great opportunity to live your own dolce vita experience!

It is a perfect day, isn’t it?



With love,

Maria Rocco

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