Travel + Walking Backwards In High Heels

Feb 07, 2014

girl gone international

I am often asked what it’s like to travel with kids. The answer is that most of the time travel is AWESOME.

However if I am going to be really honest, I have to say that were times in the past when the thought of spending another minute in a transit lounge made me feel queasy.

So what have my own travel experiences taught me about seeing the world with kids?

1. First and foremost, there are times when travelling with kids feels like walking in heels backwards. ( Mom’s note: There is also a great book called ‘Backwards in High Heels: The Impossible Art of Being Female’ by the talented Tania Kindersley that I think you all should read!!!)

2. Secondly, the key to SUCCESSFUL travel is being prepared.

You may be an anti-technology kind of mom, but kids get bored on long flights and having an iPad full of games on the ready is probably a good idea.

3. Research your destination! This doesn’t just mean the best shopping outlets. I mean real research, like the number of the local taxi company, printed maps from the train station to your destination, etc.

4. Read reviews … and look for ones written by other MOMs. Asking other moms for advice on where to holiday is probably the best research and preparation you can do.

5. Take a deep breath! Sometimes the best thing we can do is just relax, take a deep breath and then head off again.

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