Topolino: Not Just The Italian Tooth Fairy

May 18, 2014

My seven-year-old son is growing up so quickly that sometimes I forget he is still a little boy.

Giovanni big chair

If I put him in a big chair that means he’s small, right?

The other day, he lost another tooth. He wanted to put it under his pillow for the Topolino (the little mouse), the Italian/some-other-European-countries’ version of the tooth fairy, so he decided to wash it and put it in a container. But while attempting to do this with such a tiny object, his tooth fell in the drain… and he started crying desperately. He was afraid he the Topolino wouldn’t come any longer.

After calming himself down, he wrote a letter to the little mouse:


The front page of Giovanni’s letter to the Topolino

Dear Topolino,
My tooth fell out and I wanted you to leave it for me. And I wanted to wash it and I dropped it in the drain. I just wanted to tell you.


The back

…And what’s your name? My name is Giovanni. I love soccer and I’m a Fiorentina fan. And I have a Neto jersey. He’s the goalie. I’ll leave you a piece of paper and you write back, please. And leave it for me, thank you.

And, believe it or not, the next day, we found the previously blank page full of answers from the Topolino (who was also nice enough to leave money for Giovanni’s tooth, even though it had been lost).

That night, I went to bed thinking that sometimes we think our children are so big and expect so much from them; but, on ever-rarer occasions, we realize they still are our topolino.*

- Maria (The mom in Me + Mom in Tuscany)

*”Little Mouse” is not only the Italian tooth fairy, it’s also an Italian term of endearment for loved ones (learn 11 more in our other post).

What reminds you that your big kid is still a little one at heart?

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