I had a really special relaxing time for myself. I can’t remember when I had this the last time before me&mom…​​
I liked also my “day off” when I just stayed in the villa and enjoyed the nice villa and the pool, one day “at home”. You are really amazing and you make all the people feel home from the first minute on.
Katharina and Max
The choice of staff was perfect. ​The pace was perfect for me. I never felt the pressure of deadlines to be/go anywhere, even if we did need to be somewhere it seemed to happen organically – without stres​s.

Put this on your bucket list! I was finally able to gather my thoughts and a ton of photos to document our trip to Italy with Me & Mom in Tuscany. Read about our trip here  
Erica Ehm
I remember one day sitting out by the pool when I broke down in tears: it had been a long time since I had felt completely taken care of. There were people cleaning our rooms, feeding us, taking us on fun excursions and bringing us wine. I had so much choice: I could go put my toes in the Mediterranean Sea, or spend the day on a bike, meandering through the Tuscan hills. 
Andrea Nair