Summer in Tuscany – What to Wear

Jun 03, 2015

In a few weeks our first Me & Mom camp will be commencing and we are so excited to see all of the moms and their children. Some may already be starting to pack for the trip, so I thought I would help you out and give you an idea of what to bring with you.

For those who do not know the weather during the summer here in Tuscany, expect it to be hot and humid. Typically, temperatures are between the low 30s C (mid 80 F) during the day and dip down to low 20s C (mid 60s F) in the evenings.

There are few things you should know about dressing for the climate and culture here in Italy. Italian women do not where shorts, nor do they wear flip flops in town. Italian women like to wear simple light dresses, skirts or capris in the summer. They accessorize with jewelry and scarves. Due to the cobble walkways Italian women tend to not wear stilettos. They wear open or closed two shoes that are stylish and easy to walk in. One of the biggest accessories are sunglasses and a hat (think Sophia Loren).

When staying with us there will be lots of opportunity to be active like walking, doing yoga, horseback riding and swimming, so keep this in mind when you pack. You will want to bring flip flops for the pool, yoga clothes and clothes to wear horseback riding, if you plan to partake in any of these activities.

We provide suntan and body lotion, plus sample size shampoo and conditioners from a quaint local company, so do not feel you need to bring your own. No need to bring a hairdryer nor a bathing suit cover up either, we provide them here! If you are bringing anything to plug in (i.e. iPad, Kindle), remember to bring a European power converter.

We hope the below checklist we have created helps you pack. Remember to keep it simple, be comfortable and most of all do not over pack! 

Checklist for Me & Mom



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