Spring is a Time for Action

Mar 27, 2015
Roses off of my balcony in Florence

Roses off of my balcony in Florence

Admittedly the weather here in Florence is not very Spring-like but I won’t let the wet weather dampen my enthusiasm for the plans I am making over the next few months.

For me, Spring is a time that I start getting excited about making plans for the year ahead. Maybe it is the longer days ahead with the clocks changing this weekend to Daylight Savings Time or the celebration of Capodanno Fiorentino (New Years in Tuscany) on March 25th. Quite possibly it is having my birthday in March that always energizes me on what I would like this new year to bring forth.

My excitement is clearly showing as I focus my attention on making Me & Mom in Tuscany such a unique experience for the moms who attend. Although I have been running the La Capitana children camp for some years now, this is the first time I have opened the doors to moms, with last year being a test year.  As a single mom to an eight year old, I started this unique camp for moms who love spending time with their kids but at the same time, not feel guilty that they are also getting a wonderful vacation, full of pampering and rejuvenation.

As we start to fill the limited spaces in the three weeks we are offering this unique ‘camp’, I am starting to check things off of my list. The Italian chef has been chosen to do the cooking classes and he is designing the cooking classes so each mom with receive a certification in culinary arts. The yoga instructor is ready to go. I have been in contact with local shops to supply boutique shampoos and conditioners for each room. The olive oil bar soap has been specially ordered. Summer bathrobes and aprons are being finalized next week. The welcome kits are being prepared. Exciting, no?

Next is choosing the spa and vineyards to visit while the moms are here. Plus, narrowing down the many quaint villages for the moms to see and pinpointing the variety of sites to visit like museums, historical landmarks and natural beauties. There is so much to do here and I want to make Me & Mom in Tuscany a memory of a lifetime for those who stay with us.

I know that the kids will have fun and enjoy their stay since we always get returning children at our camp. We have fantastic staff that are on duty 24/7, a diverse list of activities throughout the week and the accommodations are inviting and spacious.

My focus is on the moms, whom I know want to have their children happy and not have to worry about a thing while here. I adore focusing on the little details so that each mom will feel special. I am excited to organize a week where the moms will have the freedom to marvel at the region’s natural wonders, visit intriguing towns, dine on mouth-watering cuisine and live their very own ‘dolce vita’ experience. And what better way to journey into the heart of Tuscany than with the people who matter the most – their children.

Yes, this time of year is an exciting time indeed. We have a few spaces left during the week of June 27th – July 4th and July 4th – July 11th.

Won’t you join me?




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