Spend Nothing and Make Millions with Kindness!

Sep 25, 2013


From yoga classes to pilate courses and even yogalaties (yoga and pilate together), I have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’.

Once you add mystical meditation retreats, outrageously expensive organic bananas, hemp shoes, lemon detox diet I and II (I failed the first time!), and kale smoothies to the list, you start to get an idea about the kind of person I either am or at least trying to be.

While theses activities have helped me; I am stronger, more flexible and much healthier than ever before, I can’t really vouch for them changing my life or adding a string of zeros to my pay packet. Which is what in a range of different ways the brochures sprucing them promised.

So, what can I do to make millions without spending anything? Well. Surprising as it is, a whole range of things but just not for me.

It sounds corny, and it’s definitely not fashionable, but random acts of kindness are the simple answer to this seemingly complex question.

You can read more about the topic at randomactsofkindess.org.

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