Retreat for mom, camp for the kids: the Me+Mom experience

Mar 20, 2014

We have had lots of moms write into us with questions about the Me+Mom in Tuscany experience. So I thought I would take a few minutes to answer those questions and tell you a little bit about my own travel experiences.

How old are the kids who stay with Me+Mom and do they sleepover at the mom’s retreat?

Me+Mom in Tuscany is unique in the world of travel because we offer mom’s the opportunity to relax and enjoy Italy while we take care of the kids.

Moms who stay at our exclusive villa aka Podere Bianco enjoy the peace and quiet of an adult-only setting.

And juniors between the ages of 5 to 14 explore a new side of Italy from the comfort and security of our summer camp – which operates within walking distance of our mom headquarter.

summer camp

But here’s where we’re different … we also organize joint events and workshops for moms and kids to do together, creating shared memories that will stay with both of you for life.

What do we do?

Mom’s are encouraged to take advantage of the many activities and workshops we run on a daily basis during at the retreat.

yoga session

I have a team of dedicated staff who are there to guide you through yoga classes, show you Tuscany on horseback and give you an insiders perspective on life in Italy.

You can also have fun learning Italian with your kids or seeing ancient cities with them on our family day trips.

kids arno firenze

Why Me+Mom?

I believe there is something magical about seeing the world through the eyes of a child and I want to share this feeling with other moms.

Italy is a beautiful country but its rolling hills, impressive coastlines, art and dedication to family take on new meaning when you go on a journey of discovery with your child.

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