Overcoming the inevitable ‘what if’ questions…

Dec 02, 2013

maria e gio

As cliched as it sounds there is no denying that if you want to know what a little stress feels like, you should try being a mom.

The responsibility of looking after another life comes with its own fears and insecurities as well as a lot of “what if” questions. ”What if he doesn’t get a good night’s sleep,” or “what if he has trouble making friends” are thoughts that cross my mind on an almost daily basis.

But while anxiety is a natural part of life, it can also get out of hand or confused with actual love. I am not a psychologist so I can’t offer qualified advice on how best to deal with this problem if it is a problem.

On the other hand, I am a qualified mom. Which means I have experience worrying about the ups and downs that are bound to happen in my own little ones life.

Over the years, the main thing I have noticed about worrying is that hardly any of my fears actually come true. And if they do, I usually find the strength within myself to cope.

Knowing that so much of the energy I put into worrying is often wasted, I have come up with new ways to overcome those sleepless nights.

For me this usually involves actually doing something active. Exercise and working out are great stress relievers, so are things that are less physically active but concentrate on focusing the mind like yoga or meditation.

However the number one trick to overcoming worry is like so many things also the simplest. It has taken time but I have finally learnt that it is okay for my son to make mistakes and knowing that takes a lot of worry away.


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