On the hunt for the perfect Summer Vacation

Mar 31, 2017

memomintuscanyWinter is over and along with longer sunnier days, parents everywhere have begun tackling the difficult task of finding the perfect place to vacation. The difficulty lies in finding a place where parents can relax and children can play, with the hope of both parties doing so in perfect harmony.  It is simple to find a room at just about any hotel, but if you begin looking for a tour your options become infinitely limited. Usually, standard tours are not designed for small kids and young travelers. Even if it could have been the perfect tour for you, your children are reminding you every five minutes how they would prefer to be at the pool, asking what time you are going back to the hotel, or walking with their phones in the air looking for any hint of a wifi connection. At ME&MOM in Tuscany kids and moms share the same lodging but have separate daily programs, allowing for both happy moms and happy kids. Here are the top 5 reasons you should vacation with ME&MOM in Tuscany:

1. HAPPY CHILDREN: Canadian Island (the kids camp) is located just a short walk away from the villa. Daily activities include art, music and theater workshops, sports activities, cooking classes and a language lesson (Italian or English). It comes as a relief to most moms that their children are too busy having the time of their lives with their new- found friends, to question where mom is and what she is doing.

2. HAPPY MOMS: ME&MOM follows a program that was created with MOMs in mind. We have designed a daily schedule that is mom led which includes; interactive cooking classes, outdoor yoga lessons, sightseeing excursions to local historic locations, trips to a wellness center and the seaside, wine and olive oil tasting and the opportunity for self-reflection, all under the warmth of the Tuscan sun. Open countryside surrounds the villa, which is a plus for the cycling or trekking enthusiast. There is also a private pool at the villa that can be used at any time during the day or night– the perfect place to have a swim at sunrise, sunbathe during the day and enjoy an evening cocktail.

3. LANGUAGE EXPERIENCE: We provide a full immersion language experience for students who are looking to learn either Italian or English. For both moms and kids, native English and Italian speakers are ready for lesson or simply to converse at any time of the day.  It is the perfect opportunity to begin learning the basics of a language or master a language that you have already been studying.

4. EVERYONE IS HAPPY: ME&MOM is a great alternative to the traditional vacation, where moms can relax and unwind while feeling reassured that their children are having just as great of a time.

5. ONCE IN A LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE: ME&MOM is a unique escape from it all, where you can live your own “dolce vita” and enjoy the eloquent stillness of the luxurious Tuscan life in the heart of one of Italy’s most beautiful regions. Live like the locals, eat like the locals!

We gladly welcome you to share in the splendor of Tuscany in this once in a lifetime vacation experience that you can share with your children.

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