I believe in raising culturally literate children. I have been running my Canadian Island Summer Camp for 14 years and it has attracted children from all over the world. We have children returning year after year from the Ukraine, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Canada and the United States, who want to not only learn about the Italian culture and language, but they make lifetime friends at our camp. Our Italian campers, who arrive from all over the country, learn English and experience an opportunity to practice their English language skills with these international campers while enhancing those who come afar for the Italian way of life. Most of the camp counselors, many whom have been with us for years, are from either the USA or Canada. Their backgrounds are vast, but they all come for their passion for children, their high energy to engage a group of campers and their love of Italy. With my talented staff from Italy, we create an environment to give the children from other countries the taste of the Italian culture.

When you bring all of these children from around the world together you see how adaptable they are to communicate with each other, how quickly friendships are formed and at the end of their stay, how hard it is for them to say goodbye to each other. But there is one thing we Italians teach them and that is we NEVER say goodbye. Instead we say arrivederci – until we meet again.

                                                                                          – Maria Rocco

You can see the long list of activities, games and adventures we have planned for Kid’s Camp by visiting the Canadian Island website (Canadian Island is a summer camp run by Maria Rocco for juniors and teens.)