Meet Chef Maurizio Moretti

May 20, 2015

Italians use only the freshest ingredients

Food is one of the cornerstones of Italian culture. They take great care in the preparation of food and have strong culinary values. Italians learn at a very young age to appreciate good food. Life in Italy revolves around the kitchen. Just ask any Italian about a specific dish and they will tell you how their family cooks it, using recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

When one sits down at an Italian table you learn to savor each course (yes there are more than one). To Italians mealtime is a time to relax and connect with those sharing the meal.

Italian Chef Maurizio Moretti

Italian Chef Maurizio Moretti

This year we are honored to have Chef Maurizio Moretti as our teaching Chef at Me & Mom. Who better to teach us the art of Italian cooking than one that is not only Italian but is a Toscani. Born in Florence and, except for going to the Institute of Culinary Arts in Chioggia, a city in the Veneto region of Italy that is on the Adriatic Sea, he lives and breaths the local culture. Speaking English, French and Italian, Maurizio has been teaching cooking courses and working as a personal chef for people like Gary Larson, for over 15 years. Known for his charming and engaging personality, Chef Maurizio has been invited to the States to share his knowledge and passion for Tuscan cuisine.

He enjoys using local and seasonally grown ingredients in all of his recipes. His joy of cooking is contagious and he teaches his students that cooking is a sensory experience that is to be savored with a glass of wine in hand (Did you know that Italy is the largest producer of wines in the world?).

You’ll leave with a new appreciation of the value of good food, recipes shared by Chef Maurizio, a Me & Mom apron, an autographed copy of David Rocco’s cookbook and a Certificate of Completion in Culinary Arts.

Please join us!


Maria Rocco

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