Me & Mom – 8 Moms, 11 Children, One Villa, One Kid’s Camp

Jul 24, 2015

Finally after a full year of preparation we welcomed our first group of moms and their children. Our spacious villa was prepared to receive them all for their week stay. Some moms planned for their children to stay with them at the villa and some moms wanted their children to stay up at the camp. We found that the children who initially wanted to stay with their moms found the kid’s camp far more interesting and ended up staying up there. Some nights the kids that stayed at camp were a little home sick and stayed with their moms. With the villa having two separate living areas it was easy to accommodate everyone’s needs.

We came into a rhythm and flow by the middle of the week and I don’t know one mom who would not wanted to have extended their stay (the kids also).

One can get used to the endless blue skies, the magical sunsets and getting lost looking at the stars at night.

We all were mesmerized by the planets Jupiter and Venus being so close and bright together this first week. Plus counting all of the shooting stars.

We had moms from Canada, the Ukraine, Singapore and Italy all with a common bond – we were all moms. We shared our stories and some of our secrets. We laughed, we hugged and we simply enjoyed a little bit of a dolce vita experience.

But I let these images speak for themselves….

We say in Italian, arrivederci which meaning “until we see each other again”.

So, arriverdeci my new friends!


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