Made in Tuscany: 5 Amazing Artisan Brands

Apr 27, 2016

Tuscan region has a rich cultural heritage, art, and architecture. Among the many treasures, the important role belongs to the handmade products, evidence of an ancient tradition that is represented in so many objects, artifacts, and events in the history of this territory.

The landscape is admired from all over the world are attracted in Tuscany by the incredible beauty of olive groves, poppy fields, and blooming sunflowers. But not only! Shoppers know Tuscany as a region rich in wine, many kinds of cheeses and olives. Tuscany offers not only food! Here are five authentic products representing Tuscan cultural traditions.

1. Refined Home Textiles by Cecchi&Cecchi 

Cecchi Cecchi ItalyThe Company produces all kinds of home textiles: blankets, bedspreads, plaids, in a variety of natural and precious materials: cashmere, wool, alpaca, mohair, linen, cotton, silk, and metallic threads. A selection of scarves and smart fashion accessories completes the offer.

Cecchi&Cecchi is part of the luxury Tuscan production of wool products that is made in Italy for the last 50 years. They use only prestigious materials working on them with great handicraft and innovative technology in the looms and the vegetal coloring and gigging. These materials are very light, similar to transparent gauze, so very cool to wear, but also very trendy.

2. Madova Leather Gloves

madova leather glovesSince 1919 Donnini family has been producing the finest leather gloves for ladies and gentlemen in the heart of Florence. The founder, Mr. Amedeo, produced gloves only for important Florentine families. The owners are proud to have the only shop in Europe (or maybe in the world) that sells and produces strictly leather gloves. The gloves have to stretch to get the shape of the hand; each glove, when new, has to be tight and of the perfect length. Today the company offers the products of different colors, leathers, styles and patterns, using deerskin, peccary, calf or lamb nappa leather. Their gloves can be with buttons or without, lined in cashmere, wool, silk or unlined, knit tops, knit sides or all leather.

3. Fragrant Tuscan Soap

la florentina soap

La Florentina soaps are created with traditional bronze mold with the old method of saponification used by the Tuscan master soap makers. These soaps are made of quality, history and antique perfume recipes jealously guarded through the years. Still today the workings are accurate and manual, scrupulously controlled in every phase, from the creation to the packaging. All of this to produce a fine soap, efficient in cleansing, delicate for the skin and destined for a clientele that is demanding and refined.


4. The Fairytale World of L’Asinbigio in Bolgheri 

It’s not easy to say what Asinbigio is. It is a real fairytale world, created by two lovely ladies – Donatella and Giovanna. They present a slice of Tuscan character, a taste of yesteryear, a serenity dimension of artistic and manual work, in a territory where the mood brightens, between green hills and the blue sea. In full respect of the tradition, the ladies are creating their products and selling in the same place. In the luxury boutique in via Giulia 20, Bolgheri, they are working, experimenting, creating, and leaving space for a good conversation, an exchange of ideas. Among the products signed by talented Tuscan ladies, you can find amazing jewelry, clothes, souvenirs for house, perfumes, bags, glasses and even wines! This shop is a must visit when you are in Bolgheri.

 L’Asinbigio in Bolgheri

5. Fantastic Jewels made by Elio Ruschena

The Tuscan jeweler Elio Ruschena started to create his masterpieces in 1979. His style is purely MADE IN ITALY and he produces only one by one piece.  Elio is using his reach imagination inspired by Italian gardens, full of Mediterranean colors.

He involves Tuscan taste and reflects on the universal joy if life. The jewels are made by rigorous standards and are very original for the forms, themes, and design.

  Elio Ruschena jewelry

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