Look Up, This is Where the Beauty Is

Apr 08, 2015

My son shared a beautiful tip, the other day, on how to view the world.  As we were walking not far from our home he said to me,

“Florence is a beautiful city when you look up”.

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore with my son

Duomo, Giotto’s Campanile and Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore with my son

As I looked up and saw the breathtaking pink, white, and green marble facades, I had to agree with him.  The buildings that date back to the 4th century are adorned with medieval and renaissance decorations.  The beauty of the domes and pyramid roofs are an architectural wonder. Stepping into some of Florence’s famous buildings like the Baptistery, one cannot help but to look up and witness an incredible mosaic masterpiece.  From unassuming churches to the landmark Duomo,  Florence’s buildings offer a breathtaking vision when looking up.

My son then added,

“Just don’t look down because it is really dirty!”

Out of the mouths of our children lies wisdom beyond their years. Maybe it takes someone closer to the ground to know that they need to look up to see the beauty in their surroundings.  All I could think of was what else have I missed by just looking forward in life.


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