La Capitana – What to Pack for Summer Camp

Jun 08, 2015

For those who have sent their children off to sleep over summer camp in the past, you may know a thing or two about what their needs are.  Most of the same things apply to La Capitana here in Tuscany.

Yes, we have bugs here.  They are called Zanzare tigre, which is a nice name for a mosquito. Now, I know you thought you were leaving these pesky things behind, but hey! we have them too!  Not to worry if you need bug spray we have plenty here.  The same goes for suntan lotion. We reapply regularly throughout the day.

No need for sleeping bags either.  Some campers do bring their musical instrument but do not feel that you need to.  If you are bringing an iPod or Camera that needs to be charged, remember to bring a European converter. We do have some fun dress up days so feel free to bring a funny hat, outfit or tie, although we have plenty here. We have one evening that the campers like to dress in their ‘sunday best’ for.  Once again, if casual is your thing that is fine as well.

Just know that you will be active most of the time.  We want you to be comfortable! Below is a checklist to make it easy for you to pack.  Remember to keep it simple, be comfortable and most of all do not over pack!

Checklist for Campers

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