Key Italian words to study before the trip in Italy

Sep 12, 2016

Planning your next vacation in Italy? Don’t forget to put on your to-do list learning of basic Italian words. Of course, you can survive in Italy without any knowledge of the Italian, but understanding the minimum will make your trip smoother and soulful. In Rome, Milan, Venice defiantly English is quite fluent. But if you want to know the country better and to live your own dolce vita experience, go deeply from the highway into the village – you need the Italian language. Here are several lists of basic words to remember.

General, most used Italian words:

Si – Yes
No – No
Grazie – Thanks
Per favore – Please
Mi scusi, Scusa – Sorry
Salve, Ciao – Hello
Arrivederci, Ciao – Goodbye, bye
Buon giorno – Good morning
Buon pomeriggio – Good day (afternoon)
Buona sera – Good evening
Buona notte – Goodnight
Non capisco – I do not understand
Parla Inglese – Do you speak English?
Buono – Good
Cattivo – Bad
Benissimo – Great
Cosi-cosi – So-so
Il bagno – WC


Italians are very hospitable, sociable and warmhearted people, so make new friends in Italy – must do on vacation.
Salve – Hello
Come si chiama? – What’s your name?
Mi chiamo… – My name is …
Felice di conoscerla – Nice to meet you!
Piacere! – Nice to meet you!

Maria Rocco

Of course, Italians like to talk about family, life and relationships; therefore I recommend learning a few words:

Moglie – Wife
Marito – Husband
Figlia – Daughter
Figlio – Sun
Madre – Mother
Padre – Dad
Amico – Friend
Io sono di … – I’m from …
Lavoro – Job
Hobby – Hobby

Italian cuisine is varied and delicious! For Italians, food is a part of the culture. Food, as well as art, design, fashion and architecture, is an integral part of the story of the country.

Buon Appetito! – Enjoy your meal!
La colazione – Breakfast
Il pranzo – Lunch
La cena – Dinner
Spuntino – Snack
La pasta – Pasta
Il menu – Menu
La lista dei vini – Wine list
Il formaggio – Cheese, usually Parmesan added to pasta
La carne – Meat
Il pesce – Fish

While in Italy there is a clear date of the winter and summer sales, seasonal discounts in the shops has not been canceled. If you go to the market or craft shop, of course, you have to negotiate the price.
Quanto costa – How much does it cost?
Cosa e’ questo? – What it is?
Va bene, lo compro – Ok, I will buy it
Avete … ? – Do you have …?
Molto – Too much
E’ troppo caro – It’s too expensive
Ha qualcosa di meno costoso? – Do you have anything cheaper?
Puo’ farmi uno sconto? – Could you make a discount?
Сarta di credito – Credit card
Aperto – Open
Chiuso – Closed

We hope this list of the most used Italian words will help to make your trip more comfortable, easy and enjoyable. At Me & Mom in Tuscany, we talk a lot Italian language and the participants have a great chance to dive into Italian language and culture. Cheek the details of the program.

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