How to travel with kids and have fun

Dec 18, 2013

If you are like me, you have probably always had a soft spot for overseas travel. The excitement of seeing new places, getting lost in enchanted cities and deepening your understanding of the world is enough to make you want to sell your assets and move abroad. But what happens when you have kids? Is it time to stop moving around and lay down your roots?

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On a recent trip away, I decided to share the experience with my son and see where the journey took us. Here’s what I learnt about travelling with kids along the way:

1. They like to be the boss, so let them! Kids want to be independent, they want to read maps for themselves, they want to buy train tickets without your help and they want to order their favourite food on the menu not yours. So why not let them? Put your little one in charge of the travel budget for the day, give him or her real responsibility (as well as guidance) and then sit back and be impressed with how grown up they are.

2. Make sure you are really well organised. Want to spend a day walking around a new city, people watching from the comfort of a cute cafe or just seeing where life will take you? Yeah. Save that for a trip away with your hubby or girlfriends, kids need a concrete plan and routine to stop them from acting up. Plan activities and free time at regular intervals, put games in the travel luggage and make sure there are snacks nearby at all times.

3. Put on your sneakers, forget about nice restaurants, and start seeing the world from the point of view of someone who is 3 foot high. It is amazing how different the world is when you see it from another persons perspective, including your little one. So don’t worry too much about your to-do list and start thinking about the best way to create shared memories with the important other in your life.

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