Hit the Pause Button on Life and Start Living More!

Nov 08, 2013

Photo credit: Chibird.

Have you ever wanted to stop and hit the pause button on life? Today I had that feeling when I was midway through an important meeting and finding it increasing difficult to concentrate.

With more and more tasks slowly finding their way on my to-do list, I was starting to feel a little daunted about all the work piling up and my ability to get through it before the afternoon school pickup. Realising one of those relaxation inducing herbal teas wasn’t quite going to cut it today,  a colleague of mine suggested stepping out of the office to recharge our batteries.

Closing the office door behind me, I suddenly realised what a beautiful day it was and, more than that, how lucky I was to be living in Italy.

Within a stone’s throw of my office, I found myself walking down a cobblestone street and past a 12th century church as bicycles and vespas zigzagged their way around me. Crowds of people spilling out of the local cafe onto the street, with drinks in hand. And the afternoon son was just warm enough to take the edge out of the wintery air without being too bright.

Basically, I was in Dolce-Vita-movie-inspired heaven, and, although I was only a 2 minute walk away from work, mentally I felt like I’d travelled the distance of the moon and back.

So my advice? Well. I can’t speak for everyone but I think that sometimes the best way to enjoy life is by hitting pause and taking a deep breath…


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