Florence to New York with Hand Luggage Only!

Jun 13, 2014

luggage stuffing

Hello to all my favourite mommy jetsetters,

Lots of overseas trips to promote my new business means packing smart is a bit of a hobby of mine at the moment, so here are some of my tips for traveling light and in style.

  • Go crazy with apps: download city guides, maps, music, movies, currency convertors, camera apps (no chunky cameras pls) and anything else you might need without GPS to get you through a long flight and to the hotel’s door!
  • Since you are taking advantage of lightweight electronics but make sure to keep your chargers in your handbag. (Expert tip!)
  •  A safe place for your passport (with photocopies stored on your laptop and emailed to yourself), money, debit and credit cards and spare passport photos is a must. Money belts aren’t always the best looking items but a well organised handbag is!
  • Remember footwear is non-negotiable but toiletries are … small containers and samples are all you need to make it from A to B.
  • Thank god for layering! It’s in fashion and great for travel – you can buy fabulous marino wool scarves that double as blankets and pillows on long flights; plus light-weight, wrinkle-free separates that look good and can be washed in a hotel bathroom (sometimes this happens to the best of us) make dressing for travel easy.
  • Copy the backpackers. Have you ever seen the line for a RyanAir discount flight? There are lots of young 20-somethings putting on giant coats and heavy boots to cut down on the weight of their other luggage. Do that. That’s a good idea!

My final tip … don’t stress and have fun. Traveling is a luxury and any chance to see the world we live in is a good one.


P.S. I hope you have your pen in hand and are jotting down your own tips to help me make it through my next overseas trip. I see this list as the beginning of what will be my ideal travel guide. ;)

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