Which airport do I fly into?

Pisa (or Florence) and Rome airport

Will there be any further expenses once I am there? (IE taxes, gratuity, wifi expenses, etc.)

All taxes and gratuities are included. On one of the excursion day you may be required to pay for your own lunch.

Do you have wifi?

Yes we do at no further cost. Remember to bring a European power adapter with you. These can be purchased at any store with a travel section.

I love my child/ren but will I have any free time for myself?

It all depends on you and your child’s needs. We set up a few shared activities which include a full day excursion out and a few other moments. You can decide to also invite them over for breakfast or a swim together. Generally, there is a lot of free time for the mom to choose to be with her child or not. Please note that your children will be far more scheduled than you will be and may have a tougher time to not participate in camp activities.

Can my child/ren stay a second week while my husband and I go off and enjoy Italy?

Definitey! In fact, I encourage you to do this! My team and I can give you and your husband suggestions so you can enjoy another part of italy.

What if I want to bring my mother/girl friend/sister? Can they come?

Yes, you can also share a room. We have provided a discounted price if you share a room.

Can I have my own bathroom?

All bathrooms are private whether they are in the bedroom or just outside.

My daughter has food allergies. Can she be accommodated?

Our kid’s camp, Canadian Island, places enormous importance on food and caters to campers with a wide variety of dietary requirements.
Italy is known for its slow food movement, which encourages people of all ages to pay closer attention to what goes on their plate and in their body. At Canadian Island, we have embraced this food philosophy and place great emphasis on the quality of food served at camp in terms of nutritional value and variety in order to meet the needs of our campers.

We have created a tasty, nutritious and wholesome meal plan made from local organic produce and we cater to campers with dairy, nut, wheat, soy, egg and fish allergies. Celiac campers thrive on our gluten free foods while vegetarians and vegans are amazed at the variety of food options we offer.

How old does my child have to be?

Age 6-13, however we have taken as young as 4 years old. It really depends on the child’s independence. For our ‘wee’ campers we hire an extra staff for one:one supervision.

My son is afraid of the dark. Can he sleep with me in my room?

He can sleep with you. our staff will accompany your son back to your villa in time for bed. If this can help to make your son’s stay more enjoyable and reassuring, of course, we cater to all needs.

What if I have to cancel at the last minute? Can I get a refund?

In the event that you need to cancel a booking, whether partially or fully paid, you must notify us in writing. We will endeavor to refill your spot and if we are able to, we will gladly issue a full refund. If we cannot fill your spot, a cancellation fee applies which depends on when we receive your notice of cancellation.

What should I bring with me?

We provide all the necessary toiletries, hairdryer, and pool towels. Each bathroom has olive oil soap (this is why Italian women have such beautiful skin) and shampoo and conditioner from a local supplier. The children are provided with suntan lotion that we apply several times a day.And please do not overpack! We offer free laundering services, that includes ironing, if needed.

What will the temperature be like?

Italy is very hot in the summer, temperatures can go from 28-38° The villa, however, is air-conditioned.

My child doesn’t swim. Will he have an option to do something else?

Children who do not want to swim or can’t swim (although the pool is not deep and we do have a counsellor who is a certified life guard) we also provide swimming lessons during other hours throughout the camp. Your child can join in on any other activities such as playing a sport or doing arts and crafts.

How far away are the mom’s accommodations to the kid’s one?

A 7 minute walk. We can accompany them 24/7 by car which is a 2 minute drive.

Will I see my child at all?

You can decide if and when to see your child, keeping in mind they may be very busy participating in camp activities. We do, however, plan an excursion and get together during the week’s stay.

If I want to do something just with my own child/ren can I do this?

We had the final soccer world cup one year and a German mother wanted to share the final game with her son. Together they watched the game at the Mom’s villa. Moms who prefer not to go on an outing and would like to enjoy the breathtaking villa just sitting by the pool can do so as well.