Jan 09, 2014

traveling in italy

Recently, my son and I had the adventure of a lifetime when we went travelling together in Berlin.

It took months of saving, days of planning, but watching my son grow as a result of my investment in time and money was worth it.

So what did he learn in Berlin that he couldn’t learn at school? The answer is simple, he gained hands in experience in the currency of the future, cultural literacy.

HE did all the usual tourist things: compete with crowds, hang out in arty cafes, visit museums, talk to locals, navigate confusing maps and soak in the atmosphere.

In the process he learnt more about language awareness, different ways of life, alternative attitudes toward clothes, food, art and history; the fact that people are DIFFERENT, and, more importantly, that this is a good thing.

”The cultural literacy that we inseminate in our kids today can help them make decisions with an international perspective later on, something fundamental to world peace and our humanity.

“So, yes, raising globally-minded children is a long-term investment in some sense. But an indispensable one at that,” says author Meera Sriram.

I believe travel is a great way to boost global-mindedness, but there are other ways, too.

Reading books from other countries or culture, watching foreign films, taking the time to learn a new language are different ways that we can start to open our children’s eyes to the world around them.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next family adventure today!


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