Being Present in the Moment

Jun 06, 2015

Wherever you are be all there

I have been practicing, and working hard, at being present in the moment. It sounds so easy, no? I am learning when I wash the dishes, I wash the dishes. I am not thinking about the other things I prefer to be doing or what else needs to be done.

It is hard to travel to a new place and not have a checklist of things to see and do. Especially if we feel that we will never return and this is a once in a lifetime vacation. We want to make sure that we get in as much as possible. Right?  But is it more important to say that you saw some monument even if you did not really see it?

I urge you that when you travel be present at what you are seeing, doing and experiencing. Do not think of the next thing on your packed itinerary that needs to be checked off in the few short days you are there.

When one is really present, truly present, then we can take in the splendor of it. If you think of children, they do this somewhat naturally when traveling. They have no expectations nor agendas. Their innocence makes them present – taking in the unfamiliar surroundings, culture and language with wonderment.

We can learn so much from traveling with children. I have said before that to see things through a child’s eye brings a new perspective. Now I would like to add that seeing my son really look at where he is teaches me how I can just be present and enjoy the same view.

How nice is that!

Buon viaggio!


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