Being a tourist in your home town: My trip to Toronto

Feb 18, 2014

bycicle snow

Have you ever been a tourist in your home town? Last Christmas I found out what it was like to see the city I grew up in with new eyes when I went home to see my extended family with son Gio – and it really was one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences.

Without going on about it too much here is a list of things I LOVED about being home:

1. The the sound of shovelling snow always reminds me of being a little kid growing up in this winter-wonderland.

2. Walking the blocks of Yorkville over and over again as if they were part of my very own piazza.

3. The way locals talk about the weather in a language that almost no one else can understand. (30 below, X metres, windchill factor of …)

4. How nice EVERYONE is. There is something so welcoming about people taking the time to speak to you politely.

5. The fact that despite being away for so long, the owner of my local Japanese restaurant still knows my name – and favourite order!

6. The city lights when I fly into the main airport.

7. Shopping. You would think living in Italy, I would get to shop till my hearts desire but when you need SERIOUS winter clothes you can’t go past Canada.

8. Visiting the Toronto Christmas Market with my son and watching him act as tour guide for his cousins in English. (I get excited when he speaks English because he does it so rarely at home and it makes me feel like a successful bilingual mom!)

9. Family. Which is the number one reason I make the trip home every year.

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