Allow Me to Introduce You to This Summer’s Yoga Teacher – Celestina Perasso

May 29, 2015

I would like you all to meet Celestina. She is not only our yoga teacher for this year’s Me & Mom in Tuscany but I also consider her to be a friend. She is someone I enjoy being around. Her spirit is contagious.

Celestina Perasso - Resident Yoga Teacher

Celestina Perasso – Resident Yoga Teacher

She has practiced Zen mediation for many years at the Soto Zen Yamada Roshi. Growing up in a family of sailors Celestia chose to navigate her soul instead of a ship. Practicing yoga and being present in the moment while enjoying her favorite pastimes either cooking, embroidery or jewelry making, keeps her connected to a mediative attitude.

Her yoga practice is a vision of both strength and grace. She studied dance under the leadership of Ivana Gattei, a former ballerina of the Roma Opera. Plus, she is a student of Sri Vaha Viranatha, from the Yoganandya Ashram of Roma.

People gravitate towards Celestina and I know you will to. Her infectious smile and open heart are contagious!

See you out on the lawn for what better place is there to practice yoga! No need to bring a yoga mat we will have plenty here for you to use!

On the lawn at Me & Mom

On the lawn at Me & Mom



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