5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Vacation with Your Child

Mar 18, 2016


I love traveling with my son

I love traveling with my son

Working mothers do know the feeling of guilt. Being torn between work and spending time with their children. The lack of opportunities to talk and share is a common family issue in today’s world of trying to be everything to every one. The good news is that there are ways to tackle this and feel better about yourself and your role as a mom. Probably one of the best ways to have a great and fruitful time with your child is to go on vacation together.

Here are five ways a vacation can strengthen your relationship with your child:

1. Do something together you have never done before

Going on vacation, whether it is camping in a tent, trying new activities together or traveling to another country, will create some wonderful bonding moments. These  precious memories will last a lifetime.

2. Get to know your child better

We as parents often think that we know our children well. We see them everyday, right? We speak with their teachers and know the going-ons at school. We have our weekends together and see them interact with their friends, watch them play sports and see their active lives unfold. But, it is when we see our child in a new environment, we see them differently. They become curious with their new surroundings. They learn to tackle new challenges. The two of you deepen your relationship by relying on just each other, creating a stronger bond between the two of you.

3. Prove that you are – the team

Preparing for the vacation together by planning your trip in detail unites the family and empowers your child. It gives them a vested interest in your trip. It not only builds on the excitement of going away but also they know that this trip is for you both and that you are a team!

4. Capture memories for a lifetime

On vacation with your kids, you undoubtably with gather fabulous photos and video for the family archive. A great way to reconnect well after the trip is to bring out the family photos and videos and relive the moments, reminiscing about all the good times you had together.

5. Spend some quality time with your child

It is not the quantity of time we spend with our children but the quality of that time together. When we are in vacation-mode it is easy not to be so easily distracted and we can dedicate ourselves one hundred percent to our child. Seize the opportunity by forgetting about work, checking emails and turning off your phone. This is what vacations are all about, no?

Cycling in Tuscany

It is hard to give our child our complete attention in our busy lives, but when we are on vacation, we naturally slow down. We can be in the moment and just enjoy the most important people in our lives – our children!





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